From “Kunstavisen” 1/2007  (The ”Art Journal” 1/2007)




Adi Holzer is a painter. That is well known. But now he is producing glass sculptures, sparkling and bubbling with spirits and is showing them together with his paintings in Gallery Grønlund.

It is always thrilling when good artists dare challenge other materials than those they know so well and maybe have gloried in. When young artists, less known artists do it they are looked upon as confused amateurs, muddle makers, not able to find a current starting point.

This fire of fear does Adi Holzer not feel. When listening to Mozart he has the mind to see Papageno, the Queen of the Night, and some of the other figures in colour sparkling GLASS. That he himself is not able to blow glass leaves him cold - he can draw and mould it, and he can go to Murano, Venetia to the experts and explain his intention. This creates great art.

He is showing it just now in the reopened Gallery Grønlund in Copenhagen. The interesting thing is that he supplements the “glass explosions“ with workshop drawings and sketches in oil, acryl and graphic works that are as exciting as the glass, and which ought to incite collectors to buy the sculpture and the visual beginning, as it is made by an experienced painter.

It is an “art-parcel”, which in my opinion has never been seen before. It is not inexpensive - but it will guaranteed not get less expensive in time!

Gallery Grønlund IS the leading glass gallery in Denmark as the Glass Museum in Ebeltoft is a museum and not a gallery. The owner is Kirstine Grønlund . Anne Merete Grønlund, who was the founder, is now a consultant and communicator, representing Danish glass among other things in the USA, and her success is undisputed.

Tue Lütken
With kind permission.